Hungry German Shepherd Tries Everything To Get His Owner’s Attention

Hungry German Shepherd Tries Everything To Get His Owner’s Attention

Angela Markus

Dog owners will tell you that it seems like their dogs would be happy with a bottomless food bowl. As a pet owner, you don’t want to feed your pet too much, but you don’t want to stuff your face while they starve in the corner, either. How can you resist that furry little guy just sitting there, begging for more food? Just ask Apollo’s owner, he couldn’t resist his German shepherd’s persistent pleas.

German shepherds are a popular a breed for good reason. They are intelligent with devotion and courage that are unmatched. The German shepherd is amazingly versatile, excelling at almost everything they are trained to do. You have probably noticed that they make the best guide and assistance dogs for disabled individuals, police, and military service. They are quite faithful companions.

Like any other big breed, they love to eat, and Apollo is not different. He has no problem signaling to his owner that he is hungry, again. In fact, after wrestling with his bowl on the floor, he goes closer to the pantry where he knows his food is stored. There, he sits attentively and refuses to budge. When his owner asks if he would like some food, his bark says yes.

After staring into those spirited eyes, how could you say no?

How does your dog signal that he or she is hungry?

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