Woman Films Her Husband After He Wakes Up From His Wisdom-Teeth Removal Surgery

Woman Films Her Husband After He Wakes Up From His Wisdom-Teeth Removal Surgery

Angela Markus

Anesthesia is the source of hilarious videos gone viral, depicting dazed hospital patients waking up from operations and saying weird things. Nick, the poor soul in this clip, doesn’t disappoint with his version. Under the advice of his doctor, he required oral surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. But as painful as that sounds, his loopy post-op commentary stole the show.

The use of anesthesia during oral surgery was warranted in Nick’s case because of the extensive work being done. Having all four teeth removed will require procedural sedation because it makes the whole endeavor much easier on the patient. Who you telling?

According to a Medical Daily report, anesthesia has primary effects on the spinal cord, brainstem reticular activating system, and the cerebral cortex. The patient will usually experience three stages of anesthesia—the induction, excitement, and regular breathing. A fourth stage is considered an emergency and is not part of the safe processes of anesthesia.

Though administering anesthesia is a carefully controlled and delicate process, it’s an incredibly routine part of undergoing surgery. Under the care of trained professionals, the pain is the last item on the list; patients need to be more worried of what they say when they are under.

But then we can only hope for footage like this one, the one that makes you laugh all the way home. Thank goodness this wife has such a great sense of humor, because what her husband blabbers at her is down right absurd! 

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