Husband Knows Wife Is Pregnant Before She Does and Is About To Break The News

Husband Knows Wife Is Pregnant Before She Does and Is About To Break The News

Angela Markus

The popularity of YouTubers has grown significantly. Men and women, youngsters and elderly alike document their lives in daily vlogs which has the propensity to amass them a considerable amount of recognition and in some cases, wealth.

YouTubers Sam and Nia are a couple of high school sweethearts living in Terrell, Texas as a family of four. Usually, it is the mom who announces a new addition to the family, but Sam thought he would beat Nia to it.

The couple has been wanting to grow their family for some time, and in this video, Mom was told that hope was now a reality. Nia alerted Sam to the fact that she was two weeks late, and Sam took the proactive approach to test her without her knowledge. Sam took a sample of her urine out of the toilet to perform a pregnancy test. Nia was pregnant and didn’t even know it!

With a camera in hand to catch their reactions, Sam has a remarkable way of sharing the news to his wife and two children. Nia is in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids when Sam enters. He makes jokes referring to her past pregnancy cravings to which Nia looks at the camera and assures their viewers he is joking… until he’s not!

Amidst her excitement at the news, she was bummed that she didn’t get to prank him first. The family is clearly overwhelmed with emotion and happy for a new bun in the oven.

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