Husband Surprises Wife With Handmade 20th Anniversary Gift

Husband Surprises Wife With Handmade 20th Anniversary Gift

Angela Markus

If you have been blessed to be married for 20 years, you probably know that the traditional gift is china. But instead, a thoughtful husband created for his wife a piece of furniture that was invaluable. The Ohio man proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a personalized anniversary gift made with love can be just as powerful as a trip to paradise.

Chris was interviewed by SF Globe and he gave some insight on how one very special gift to his wife Mary came to be. He said, “When I asked what she wanted for our 20th anniversary, she said either a vacation to Hawaii or a dining room table.”

Chris decided that he would choose the latter for his wife. That way, he could incorporate the twenty years of love. He decided to create the table himself, by hand, and without the assistance of a single electrical power tool. With no prior construction experience, he had his work set out for him.

His first attempt resulted “the ugliest bowl you’ve ever seen.” According to Chris, his wife Mary says it looks like a stomach, but in spite of the bowl’s appearance, he was hooked. “It just took me!” he says. After several years of practice, he knew he would make the best gift possible for his wife.

It would be the first large piece of furniture he had ever tried constructing in his life. For the next six months, he worked and toiled on the masterpiece. Although giving his wife something handmade was all the more satisfying, for Chris, the experience was “’priceless.”

This video shows a condensed version of the lengthy process Chris went through to make the table. it’s amazing!

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