Husky Tells Her Owner That She Wants Potatoes

Husky Tells Her Owner That She Wants Potatoes

Angela Markus

Pet lovers around the world must share the same thought—it would be nice if we could have conversations with our pets. The same way we wish that our infants could express themselves and let us know what they are thinking, we also wish our pets could talk to us, right? Mishka’s humans do not seem to have that problem. When dad asks his son if he wants potatoes, Mishka decides that she wants potatoes too!

If you remember Mishka, then you know how awesome this husky is. If you don’t, you might want to introduce yourself to her awesomeness.  Whether she is taking over a toy and refusing to let go, or having conversations with her baby human, she proves time after time that she is no ordinary dog.

In this clip, Mishka is sitting while her family decides on making potatoes. After asking his son if he wants to help, dad asks Mishka if she wants potatoes. Mishka responds by saying that she wants potatoes. Incredible!

Don’t you wish you had a talking dog?

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