Drone Captures Tornado Evolving In Hutchinson, Kansas

Drone Captures Tornado Evolving In Hutchinson, Kansas

Angela Markus

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing. From male seahorses giving birth to hundreds of offspring, to human beings saving beached dolphins in distress, there’s a whole lot of beauty to justify Mother Nature and all of her glory. But let’s be honest, sometimes Mother Nature can also scare the bejeezus out of us and Justin Watkins knows it!

One day he decided to take his drone out for a pleasant ride when it caught glimpse of something terrifying. Out in the distance was a tornado evolving right in the middle of his hometown in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Tornadoes aren’t unusual for this midwestern state, but nothing can mentally prepare anyone for this natural disaster right outside their front door.

Justin managed to get a whole 40 seconds of this glorious tornado on film before shutting down his drone and running for cover. Do you blame him? Yikes!

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