Little Girl Proves Not Every Girl Wants To Be a Princess

Little Girl Proves Not Every Girl Wants To Be a Princess

Angela Markus

This kid is hilarious and deserves to be in front of a camera. She is a pragmatic young lady, who looks at the world realistically. But one thing she is not — she is not a princess.

Unlike most little girls her age, she has no time for the illusions and make-believe world.

Also, she is set on explaining to her daddy why he should not call her a princess. Even though dad is hell-bent on calling his little girl his princess, JoJo clearly is opposed to the idea.

JoJo meticulously went down the list of reasons why she should not be called a princess. For one, JoJo doesn’t have a sparkly bracelet or other accessories that princesses usually wear, so there’s no way she can be one.

She also made clear that she just doesn’t possess the necessary attire to be a princess. In fact, princesses have to wear dress up dresses every single day, and her little pink dress is far too normal to be a princess dress.

“Them have prettier dresses than this. It’s just a normal dress, not a dress up one. And this is not as pretty as dress up ones,” she says. “And them have really, really sparkly pwincess headbands.”

When her daddy explained that princesses remove their tiaras to take showers, JoJo becomes a little confused.

Indignant, JoJo reminds her daddy that princesses are not real and only appear in movies and suggests he might want to get educated on the subject by watching a few princess movies.

Someone, please get this child an agent, she deserves to be on the big screen!

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