A Little Girl Hears Her Voice For The First Time and Her Reaction is Gold

A Little Girl Hears Her Voice For The First Time and Her Reaction is Gold

Angela Markus

Can you imagine going through life without hearing what you sound like? Or, without hearing the voices of your parents calling out your name? Poor Kai had to deal with that for most of her life.

Four-year-old Kai was born with a hearing impairment that caused 50% hearing loss in one ear and 65% in the other. The sounds she heard were similar to hearing noises while underwater.

Now, Kai has received hearing aids for the first time. Her whole life is about to change…

Watch Kai’s facial expression as she hears the sounds of everything around her for the first time. It is a heartfelt moment for the entire family. Kai chuckles, covering her mouth in disbelief, “Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I can hear my voice.” Her eyes tell it all as she processes the sounds of her voice and laughter.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), a hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. A hearing aid receives sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through a speaker. Sounds like amazing things are allowing this prospering four-year-old live a comfortable life!

Kai’s mother posted an update saying that the change has been phenomenal, and the family feels truly blessed.

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