Ice Cream Cubes Are The Perfect Frozen Treat!

Ice Cream Ice Cubes

Ice Cream Cubes Are The Perfect Frozen Treat!

Ashley Rego

Summer is just around the corner and that means I’ve got one thing on my mind – finding delicious, refreshing, and easy nibbles to keep the kids happy and full!

With warm weather comes cold treats. Everyone’s favorite summertime snack? A heaping bowl (or cone) of creamy, icy, melty ice cream!

While there’s no substitute for this perfect summer dessert, there is a new spin on the sweet scoops of deliciousness that is just too adorable to pass up.

Instead of your normal old milkshake or typical sugar cone overflowing with dribbles of chocolate and vanilla, surprise your kids with a frozen treat that is the perfect combination of both of these kid-approved noms! 


Scoop you child’s favorite ice cream flavors into ice cube trays, leveling out the top. Place the trays back into the freezer to harden.


Then, add a few of these ice cream ice cubes to a glass of milk for a secret touch of sweet flavor!


Experiment with different flavors, the options are endless. I think these neapolitan combos look absolutely delightful! I might even make a batch for the adults with coffee flavored ice cream in a glass of Bailey’s spiked coffee! Can you say YUM?!

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