Bring That Ordinary Dresser To Life With This Easy IKEA Rast Hack!

Bring That Ordinary Dresser To Life With This Easy IKEA Rast Hack!

Jamaica Bravo

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and wanted to revamp it to make it fit your style?

Thanks to, we’re about to share with you how to re-do a Rast Dresser from IKEA! When you see how much money you have left in your pocket after this, then you can thank us.

First you need to purchase a Rast Dresser from IKEA. They run around $35.

To get started after you buy the dresser you need to put it together. Follow the directions that came with your dresser on how to do this. After it is all put together the next thing you have to do is prime the entire thing.




Then you should sand it down and follow it up with a coat of paint. This nice coral/hot pink color adds so much pop to any room, plain or eclectic.



Once the paint is dry, add a little bit of flair to the dresser with some crystal gemstones. You can purchase these beauties at your local craft store.


When all is placed, find fancy new handles for your dresser. These ones are called pendant pulls and they add some elegance to the crystal gem trim.



And voila! You’ve just upgraded your room with the utmost style on a budget! How cute is this?!


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