“I’m A Daddy And I Know It” Is The Best Parody You’ll Ever See!

“I’m A Daddy And I Know It” Is The Best Parody You’ll Ever See!

Erika Carter

What does any devoted, loving, hard-working father do after coming home from a hard day at work? If you guessed he makes a fun, hilarious parody video of “Sexy and I know it”, you are absolutely right!

Most of us remember the days of waking up early, getting ourselves and the kids ready for the day ahead. Then coming home after putting in a long day, wishing you could just collapse, order a pizza, and maybe soak in a nice bubble bath if you still have the strength. Maybe you’re still there. Take heart.

This completely adorable, inspirational father of five has some tips for what to do to get the brood in the mood for some fun, a little moving and shaking, and lots of laughter! Not to mention getting a little workout in the process. And it’s so apparent, not only is he having the time of his life, his kids’ faces reflect the love and joy they are experiencing every step of the way.

In this age of technology, it is very refreshing and heartwarming to see a truly hands-on parent using his creativity, energy and imagination.

In “I’m a Daddy and I Know it”, we are taken through the trials and tribulations in a day with two preschoolers and triplet toddlers. He makes it look like a blast! Well, most of it anyways.

Whether it’s maneuvering the inevitable toy obstacle course (I’m sure many of us still have the permanent scars from stepping on a Lego or two), the need for an industrial strength plunger, dirty diaper juggling, dinner for five, doing the wiggle dance with the kids, or the always challenging trip to the grocery store — this video is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

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