This Paris Train Station Has A Piano In It. Watch How Passengers React

This Paris Train Station Has A Piano In It. Watch How Passengers React

Angela Markus

I believe it was 19th-century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who said that music was the universal language. No matter the cultural or language barrier, music will affect different people the same way. When a Paris train station decided to put a piano in the midst of the station, no one thought such beautiful music could come from total strangers. The two men in this clip barely spoke a word, but their piano skills came through in this improvised performance. It is utterly remarkable.

According to the Daily Mail, the train company SNCF introduced their portable piano back in 2013, with the intention of moving the instrument from station to station offering customers the chance to play. The pianos are known as “A vous de jouer” pianos, which translates to “It’s your turn to play.”

The clip starts with commuter Gerard Pla Daró taking a seat to play. As he intrigues the fellow passengers with his fingers, he incites another pianist. As Gerard plays, Nassim Zaouche can’t resist and is quite eager to join in. At first, he stands by the piano and watches on. Not too long after, he joins in and both play out the most beautiful improvisation.

They alternate from key positions on the piano, and although appearing to be complete strangers, their synchronization is spectacular. Other passengers seated begin to turn their heads in appreciation at the talent of the two musicians, and it isn’t long until phones are out recording the duet.


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