How To Make An Infinity Table Using Optical Illusions!

Infinity Table

How To Make An Infinity Table Using Optical Illusions!

Ashley Rego

When I was a sophomore in high school I was trying to juggle soccer practice and math homework, all while trying not to stress that the cutest boy in class was talking to my best friend. Yes, for most of us, this was the extent of our woes and concerns as young, naive adolescents just trying to make it through the year. 

For one kid, however, he spent no time wasting his sophomore year on trivial high school affairs and ambitiously focused on his school work – with an acute focus on his woodworking class.

With an undeniable skill for the craft, and a “go big or go home” attitude, he decided his final project that would ultimately be critiqued in one culminating competition, would be a coffee table- but not just any coffee table. No, this particular coffee table would put all others to shame. 

He starts off with a common coffee table frame, a simplistic base that will soon become SO much more.


He then adds a few essential pieces to this framework.


And of course, screws in block legs to ensure stability.


With everything in place, the table is ready for a lustrous stain.


For a high school project, I must say this is impressive, but he’s not even close to being done!


This is where things start to get interesting. First he adds a mirror to the top of the table.


But if added pizzaz of the mirror wasn’t enough, he decides to kick things up a notch – with electricity.


He carefully glues LED string lights along the frame of the mirror.


Once the lights are completely installed around the outer rim, he adds a second two-way mirror on top.


And then…he plugs it in…


Have you ever seen a coffee table THIS cool?!


I can happily confirm this kid was recognized for his hard work! Receiving a perfect score from the forum’s judges, he walked home with the Grand Award!

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