Learn How To Inflate An Air Mattress WITHOUT a Pump!

Learn How To Inflate An Air Mattress WITHOUT a Pump!

Kendall Conners

Avid camper? Backyard camper? In-laws coming into town for a visit? How many times have you gone to inflate your air mattress only to find that the pump isn’t working or nowhere to be found? If this sounds familiar, then you don’t want to miss this video!

To easily inflate your mattress sans pump, start by laying it out on the ground and opening the valve. Most mattresses have a one-way valve, which means you can leave it open while you move to the next step.

Grab a trash bag and fill it full of air. Create a small opening in the top of bag by cupping your hand around it. Then place the small opening of the trash bag over the valve of the air mattress and squeeze all of the air in the bag into the mattress. Keep repeating the process and you should see the mattress starting to inflate. The bigger the bag, the faster it will inflate!

When you’re done, close the valve and enjoy your fully inflated air mattress. Much easier than huffing and puffing until you’re lightheaded and dizzy, right?

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