Everyone Ignored Him And His Sign Until One Woman Walked Up And Changed Everything

Inspiring Sign

Everyone Ignored Him And His Sign Until One Woman Walked Up And Changed Everything

Erika Carter

It all starts out with an old man sitting at the bottom of the stairs on a piece of cardboard with a tin can and a sign made out of cardboard. Classical music is playing in the background as it switches over to three young girls giggling about something.

The video continues to flash around to a variety of people such as two women sitting on a bench enjoying each other’s company and a woman smoking a cigarette at a cafe. Eventually we are back to the old homeless man as he looks up at someone walking by. Someone finally throws a coin down at the old man.

He moves is hand around to feel for the coin to place in his tin can. Finally you see his sign. It says “I’m blind please help”. He turns his head to face the distance blinking his eyes multiple times. Another kind person walks by and this time drops multiple coins on the homeless man’s cardboard. He waves a small thank you to the man walking by.

A woman with sunglasses on is approaching as the music continues to play on. At first, she walks completely by the old man without acknowledgement. She then turns back around and kneels down in front of him. She picks up his cardboard sign and gets out a marker. The blind man feels the woman’s feet in order to understand what is going on since he can’t see. She places down the cardboard sign and walks away.

After that many people walk by the man and start dropping large amounts of coins on his piece of cardboard. Later the woman in glasses comes back, and the man feels her shoes again to recognize her. He looks up to ask what she did to his sign. She said she wrote the same thing, but in different words. He says thanks love, and with that she walks away. The sign says “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it. Change the words, you change the world.”

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