This Video Will Make You Laugh And Warm Your Heart

This Video Will Make You Laugh And Warm Your Heart

Jamaica Bravo

At this time of year, we like to focus on being grateful and showing appreciation for all the people in our lives who make it worth living. So today, we’d like to give a shout-out to all the amazing husbands in the world who spend all their energy and time trying to make their wives and children’s days more enjoyable.

The men in our lives put in so much work and do us so many favors. Sometimes, because of how busy or stressed out we are, these efforts go unnoticed.

So, for all the times that our husbands have gone the extra mile to help us out or make us more comfortable, we want to say “thank you”.

In honor of husbands everywhere, we’ll show our appreciation by letting them have a voice. Today we want to share this somewhat satirical, but also kind of serious video, posted by some amazing, though slightly disgruntled, “Instagram Husbands”.

The humorous video was posted by a self-proclaimed “Instagram Husband” named Jeff Houghton on his YouTube channel, The Mystery Hour. Intended to give husbands a chance to voice their frustration and also to help some of us ungrateful wives pay a little bit more attention to how much work the men in our lives are putting into our happiness, and what our tone and actions are conveying to them, Jeff uses a bit of comedy as a platform to say some hard-to-hear truths.

He starts out by saying, “Behind every cute Instagram woman there is an Instagram husband, and a brick wall.” This statement alone, speaks volumes. It gives us a little perspective and lets us know that we need to be putting a little more effort into showing our appreciation for the men who stand in the background, unnoticed, holding our things, complimenting us, and trying to do what we want.

We know that everything they do, they do out of love, but so often, we forget to tell them that we notice these small acts. Our own tiredness and personal angst so often come out accidentally in our voices and actions when we’re around the people closest to us.

So today, we’re sharing this video because we want to acknowledge our men and their feelings. We want to say thank you, for all the times we’ve ever failed to say it before. We want them to know that their hard work is both noticed and appreciated, and that although others may not see all that they do for us behind the scenes, we do.

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