A Quick-Acting Iowa State Trooper Saved a Man’s Life On a Busy Interstate!

A Quick-Acting Iowa State Trooper Saved a Man’s Life On a Busy Interstate!

Kendall Conners

Iowa State Trooper Tracy Bohlen was driving down a busy interstate when he noticed a truck driving erratically in front of him. The truck was at a complete stop right in the middle of the road, then sped up for a for a little bit, then came to a screeching halt again. After years of being on the job, Bohlen knew something had to be terribly wrong.

With his gun close by, he cautiously approached the truck. But as soon as he got up to the window he realized the situation was not what he thought at all, far from it actually! This brave officer thought he would be walking into a violent situation, but instead he walked up to the car and saw a frantic teenager.

The teen was freaking out saying his dad was having a heart attack. Without even thinking twice about it, Bohlen ran around to the driver’s side of the car and pulled the man out.

Then, right there in the middle of the busy freeway, he performed CPR on this man and after about a minute he had a pulse again! While this whole ordeal was going down multiple people stopped to help.

One woman, who’s a nurse, even brought the teenage boy to the hospital and waited with him until his family arrived. Not only did this story bring tears to my eyes, but it also restored my faith in humanity.

If it weren’t for that quick-thinking trooper, who knows what would’ve happened to that man! And the fact that so many people stopped to help truly warms my heart. Iowa must be full of some very wonderful people!

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