Irish Twins Make Riverdance Look Easy!

Irish Dancing Twins

Irish Twins Make Riverdance Look Easy!

Erika Carter

The average baby is found to be “amazing” from simply smiling or holding their head up by themselves. But some babies are found to have some fantastic abilities shine through at an early age. Giving Riverdance a run for their money, these Irish twins dance up a storm in a way that most people of Irish decent need years of practice to even begin to master.

You can even see that they both have a rhythm between the two of them, having solos and then duets of fast-footed movement. This is not a talent that comes easily. Clearly, we have the beginnings of child prodigies on our hands.

Definitely one of the cutest videos on the Internet right now, this is very similar to the social and cultural dance that was made famous in Ireland. This dance is known for it’s incredibly fast leg movements, high kicks, stiff upper body, and beautiful costumes. There are multiple types of Irish Dancing, but the most popular and well-known form is Irish Step Dancing.

Suspended from bouncy seats, these babies make it look like they came out of the womb dancing. They may not understand exactly what is happening, but they make this art of Irish Dance look easy. Who knows what is in store for these talented toddlers? Perhaps we will see a sibling Irish Dance Troupe form in the next 10 years? Perhaps they will join the cast of Riverdance Tour 2030, when they become dance masters!

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