This Bride and Groom Perform an Irish Wedding Dance And It’s Amazing!

This Bride and Groom Perform an Irish Wedding Dance And It’s Amazing!

Erika Carter

Weddings are meant to be remembered — whether you’re the bride or groom, or someone they’ve invited to spend the day with them, it’s a time of celebration that you’ll never forget! Well, fortunately, this is a day that some folks at a wedding in Ireland will remember for the rest of their lives.

Two ex-professional dancers were recently married. While you’d think this would mean some great dancing out on the dance floor at the wedding reception, in this case it actually meant a whole lot more than that. The people at this wedding didn’t know it beforehand, but they were in for a real treat.

In order to understand just how big of a treat this was, it’s important to note that it’s tradition for the bride and groom to share a dance while everyone in attendance watches (much the same as it is here in America). However, this couple didn’t simply share a first dance, they had something much more special in mind for their guests. They shared an Irish-influenced dance that left everyone there in utter awe.

To pull this off the bride and groom brought other dancers in to help them. In the beginning you see two ladies dancing together before four men come in and start dancing too. In the end the bride and groom join in the fun and so do a whole lot of other men and women prior to taking a bow.

This was a beautiful Irish dance that was totally unexpected, but wholeheartedly appreciated by everyone in attendance at this wedding.

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