Jack Is Hilarious After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed!

Jack Is Hilarious After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed!

Angela Markus

Going under the influence of drugs to have surgery can be a pretty frightening experience, so it’s always nice to have someone you care about there to support you when you wake up. But sometimes that person whom you trust might just be the one to pull out a phone and start recording your ridiculous anesthesia aftermath. If you’ve ever had to have anesthesia for surgery or nitrous oxide at the dentist, you know what an actual “trip” to the doctor can be.

After young Jack Barth got his wisdom teeth removed, he had a 15-minute ride home from the doctor’s office with his mom and dad, who happen to have a recording device. During that time, he was still very loopy from the drugs he had been given, and we get to watch his endearing, amusing and hilarious reaction.

You might remember David after dentist and his phenomenal comical moment. But if you don’t, Jack is somewhat similar. It is as if David grew up, changed his name to Jack, and got his wisdom teeth removed. Boy oh boy, you are in for a treat.

Jack is quite emotional, and seems to think he was his nurse’s only patient. He loves the color of his mom’s purse, and he wants to know, “Mom, I want to know who built the oceans?”

This will surely put a smile on your face today.

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