13-Year-Old Jack Spurling Covers Vance Joy’s “Rip Tide” with Ukulele

13-Year-Old Jack Spurling Covers Vance Joy’s “Rip Tide” with Ukulele

Angela Markus

We’ve seen plenty of talented young people, covering our favorite songs on Youtube and Facebook, but here’s a young man so raw, you’ll wonder how he’s not famous already!

This impressive voice in this video belongs to 13-year old Jack Spurling from Australia. He is definitely worthy to be added to the list of young up and coming talents. Unlike most cover songs, his performance is accompanied by a ukulele.

Indie hit song “Rip Tide” has been a smash for Australian singer-songwriter James Keogh better known as Vance Joy. Joy stated that the song took several years to construct. In addition to the world-wide fame of the song,“Rip Tide” was recently covered by Taylor Swift. But this, by far, just might be my favorite one yet.

Spurling’s cover is splendid as it is sweet. His husky voice is reminiscent of a young Joe Cocker. His immense talent is far advanced for his teenage years. The teenager noted that he loves to play the ukulele, sing, and posts videos of his combination of the two, and we’re so grateful for it!

Watching Ukulele Jack, as he refers to himself, brings about an inspirational feel. He is a talented young man that we may soon see on billboard charts all over the world. But first, someone needs to give this soaring talent a record contract.

What do you think about this cover song? Best one yet?

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