These Jalapeño Buffalo Cheeseburgers by the BBQ Pit Boys Are To Die For!

These Jalapeño Buffalo Cheeseburgers by the BBQ Pit Boys Are To Die For!

Angela Markus

The BBQ Pit Boys are at it again with a burger unequal to any other. These boys are rustic, raw and masters of the grill. This video shows us how to make an amazing burger, but not just any ordinary burger, a jalapeno buffalo cheeseburger! The meat used is bison with an additional ingredient that will blow your mind!

After getting the pit all fired up, and tending to his baby backs on the smoker, he prepares his burgers.

He grabs three pounds of ground Bison and seasons with SPG—salt, pepper and garlic.  Then he adds three tablespoons of butter to the Bison/buffalo because the meat is extremely lean. To heat up the burgers, he adds two ounces of pickled jalapeno slices along with some of its juice. He then mixes it well with his hands and forms burger patties. Interestingly, he puts a hole in the middle, so the meat stays flat while cooking.

Over medium heat, he cooks the burgers. While the patties are cooking, he doesn’t forget to rotate his ribs and add moisture to them. He suggests cooking the burgers until there is an internal heat of 135° F. You can also see some onions grilling alongside the burgers.

He then covers the mouth-watering burgers with Jack cheese and allows it to melt. The result is pitmaster privilege!

Later he smothers some barbecue sauce on baby back ribs which have been cooking for over four hours. The juiciness of the ribs are beyond words and goes well with the bison burgers.

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