These Jello Pinwheels Will Be Your Kids’ Favorite Treat!

These Jello Pinwheels Will Be Your Kids’ Favorite Treat!

Angela Markus

Want a fun dessert to indulge in this summer? Jello pinwheels are a tasty, sweet treat and a great sweet addition to any backyard barbecue! Also, this desert is simple and fun to do with the kids!

Here’s what you’ll need…
• Jello Packet 3OZ (berry blue)
• One bag of jumbo marshmallows
• Some microwave-safe containers

To get started, empty your bag of marshmallows into a container. Each marshmallow should be ripped into four or more pieces.

Next, mix the jello powder with water according to the directions. Microwave this mixture for 1 minute! (Be cautious because the mixture and your container will be hot!)

Add the marshmallow pieces to your jello/water mixture! Microwave this mixture for 30 seconds. When it’s finished, stir until the marshmallows are completely liquid. Pour this liquid into a greased, glass pan.

Chill until solid.

The coolest part about this is that the marshmallow part of the mixture chills floating on the surface of the jello! When they come out of the refrigerator, you’ll have a layer of blue jello attached to blue marshmallow.

Carefully, separate the two layers from the edges of the pan. Using a spatula or butter knife, peel one long side up and begin rolling the jello into a pinwheel. Once the roll is released from the pan, place it down on a cutting board or other flat surface.

Because jello is fragile, this can be cut into small pieces using unflavored floss, a butter knife, or even a spatula! Keep the pinwheels chilled until you are ready to serve them.

Make these festive pinwheels in all different colors to add a pop to your family party. Create beautiful rainbow assortment or match a color scheme. The possibilities for these desserts are absolutely endless.

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