High School Boys’ Version of “Jingle Bell Rock” is Insanely Funny

High School Boys’ Version of “Jingle Bell Rock” is Insanely Funny

Angela Markus

Because of movies, there are certain memorable moments that are forever etched in our minds. Do you remember that “Jingle Bell Rock,” dance routine from Mean Girls? Of course you do! Everybody in the English-speaking world knows that dance.

Here, four dudes from Arkansas’ Lavaca High School provided the most entertaining Christmas performance with an epic spoof of the iconic “Mean Girls” scene, exceptionally played by Lindsay Lohan, Rachel MacAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert.

If you think the whole dance is backwards without Gretchen on Regina’s left, wait until you see it without Gretchen at all, or any of the Plastics. These boys recreated the entire routine using Janis’ original choreography. They even killed the music during a familiar malfunction, and the crowd jumped in right on cue.

The glorious spoof easily beats Rita Ora’s, which was posted recently. There’s even a parent of one of the talented boys playing Regina’s mom and pretending to dance along while taking iPhone photos. It’s just as fetch (and maybe even a little funnier) than we remember. I can’t get pass their outfits. These guys deserve four candy canes. You go boys!

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