After Receiving a Nasty Email, This Paralyzed Man Gains One Very Famous Fan

After Receiving a Nasty Email, This Paralyzed Man Gains One Very Famous Fan

Erika Carter

One can only imagine what it would be like to receive the email Henry Fraser did one morning.

After suffering through a horrific accident six years before that left him paralyzed, Henry read this email from a woman named Laura one morning:

“Just came across your story online. I can’t believe how stupid you are — you deserve to not be able to use your arms and legs. In fact you should have died for being stupid enough to throw your life way like that.”

First-EmailImage Credit: Mirror

When he was just 17-years-old Henry suffered a horrific accident in Portugal. After jumping into shallow water, he hit his head on a seabed and dislocated four vertebrae in his neck, according to Mirror.

This accident sent him spiraling downwards and he told the mirror that he went through a “very dark time” afterwards, as reported by Lift Bump. It wasn’t until he started mouth painting that things started turning around for him.

Mouth-PaintingImage Credit: Mirror

So, when Henry read this email, you know what he felt? Motivation.

Motivation to overcome the crushing of four vertebrae in his neck after diving into a shallow pool of water, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Motivation to continue the talent of mouth painting he discovered since the accident.

So he thanked Laura in his response saying, “All I achieve from now will be because of the motivation you have given me.”

After having endured enough already, unfortunately, Laura wasn’t done with Henry. He received this response from her: “I’m not stupid enough to dive on shallow water. Glad what you went through was tough, you deserve to suffer.”

Second-emailImage Credit: Mirror

Henry’s accident and the aftermath spread like wildfire through the UK, which is how “Laura” found out about it and began her verbal assault. However, in the aftermath of those emails, Henry discovered one famous fan he had — J.K. Rowling.

After reading about the emails on Twitter, she responded to Henry with this encouraging tweet: “Fate shoved you through an unexpected door and you lit the way for others. I wonder how Laura would fare on the other side?”

JK-TweetsImage Credit: Mirror

Henry called Rowling’s words “extremely kind” and gave him even more motivation to push forward after the life-changing accident.

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