Jordan Smith Performs “Chandelier” On The Voice

Jordan Smith Performs “Chandelier” On The Voice

Angela Markus

The Voice has been known to produce some extraordinary, unsigned and raw talent. When you hear this voice, you will surely agree. It takes a lot to shock and awe me these days, but somehow contestant Jordan Smith did just that in the season premiere of the show’s 9th season.

The Lee University student version of Sia’s Chandelier captivated the judges and the audience alike. Not to mention us watching at home. With his demure glasses, cardigan and that baby face, it’s hard to believe such incredible range, power, and even a little rocker edge was bottled inside of Jordan! Sia’s jam is one of the hardest to sing — I have seen many struggle with this song — but the Kentucky native nailed it.

Needless to say, all the judges turned around and, of course, he received a standing ovation. A shocked Gwen Stefani even ran up and hugged him as soon as he finished. With family cheering on backstage, Jordan shared, “I don’t know if I am happy or really scared.”

Although the decision seemed like a difficult one, in the end, Jordan chose Adam Levine as his coach, who gushed that he’s the most important person that’s ever been on this show. 

We are sure to be hearing about this guy in the future!

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