4 Year Old Sings a Whitney Houston Song and It’s Incredible!

4 Year Old Sings a Whitney Houston Song and It’s Incredible!

Erika Carter

Most everyone has heard the song “I Will Always Love You.”  It was originally recorded by Dolly Parton in 1974 and Whitney Houston performed and recorded it again in 1992 for her movie “The Bodyguard.”  It is a truly classic love song.

Jurabek Juraev probably won’t be recording the song professionally any time soon, after all he is only 4 years old.  But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this adorable little boy truly puts his heart into his performance in this video.

Jurabek looks absolutely precious in his button up shirt and striped tie.  He is the ultimate performer, standing in front of his microphone, waiting to begin.  When he starts to sing, you know that this particular performance is going to be something special. His eyes close as he belts out this well known tune and sometimes he just can’t help but move with the music.  He is a true performer in every way.

His voice obviously hasn’t changed yet, so there is no way to know what he’ll sound like as an adult, but there is a lot of potential there and it will be interesting to see how Jurabek grows as a performer as he gets older.  We very well may be seeing more of this little boy as he matures. 

The thumbs up he gives at the end of his performance really says it all.  This little boy just nailed it and he knows it.  I just feel in my heart that he is going to continue performing. SHARE the love and pass it on!