Jurassic World Fossil Dinosaur Cake Recipe

Jurassic World Fossil Dinosaur Cake Recipe

Jamaica Bravo

Are you looking forward to seeing the new movie, “Jurassic World”? Well, Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio sure is! She’s so excited that she’s even made one of her delicious cakes in honor of the upcoming film — a dinosaur fossil cake!

Whether it’s for your son’s birthday party or the celebration of dinosaur day, this dinosaur fossil cake will add pizzaz to any festive occasion! Not only does it look great, it’s super easy to make!

For this Dinosaur Fossil (Jurassic World) Cake you’ll need:

To make your very own dinosaur fossil cake, secure a logo to baking tray, and cover with parchment paper.  Then, trace the logo with white chocolate. Set it aside to harden completely and you’ll have your “fossil”

Next, place logo (paper) on top of a 10″ round chocolate cake. Using a knife, score the area around the outside to determine the “dig” area. Going to a depth of 1/2″- 1″, remove the cake from the area. Then, cover the cake (except for the“dig” area) with chocolate buttercream. Sprinkle “dirt” mixture and chocolate rocks on sides, and top of cake and cake board. Doesn’t this look awesome?!

Once the chocolate “fossil” is set, transfer it to the “dig” area in the cake. Brush a small amount of additional “dirt” and rocks on and near to the fossil. Once the cake is all set, refrigerate it until ready to serve. This delicious cake is best consumed within two-to-three days.

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