109-Year-Old Woman Says Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men

109-Year-Old Woman Says Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men

Genevieve Lopez

On every birthday, we make a wish. Some of us wish for happiness and adventure, others wish for money and presents. This old woman, well, she doesn’t wish for much, because the fact that she just celebrated her 109th birthday doesn’t even phase her! She just living life.

Meet Jessie Gallan. She’s the oldest woman in the world and is residing in the beautiful green lands of Scotland. In an interview with STV News, Jessie shared her secret to living a long and healthy life and her advice that just might make you laugh out loud! If you’re single, maybe you should think twice about finding that special someone, because this thriving old woman is still going strong, something she owes to staying away from men saying they’re “more trouble than they’re worth.” As if we didn’t know that already, this information comes as a shocker because it’s nothing like we’ve ever heard before. In addition to avoiding marriage, this not-so-fragile lady works out once a week, eats porridge everyday, and “fills every day” with various activities to keep herself busy.

When you see how light this woman is on her feet, you just might break up with your boyfriend! He’s shedding off your years!

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