With Just Days Left to Live – This Dog With Cancer Refused To Die Until She Had THIS Moment

With Just Days Left to Live – This Dog With Cancer Refused To Die Until She Had THIS Moment

Kendall Conners

A family dog is so much more than just a pet. It’s a member of the family – it’s another child. So when the Ralston family found out their 11-year old dog, Kermie, was diagnosed with cancer they were devastated.

When Kermie was first diagnosed the vet only gave her two to three months to live. At the time the husband of the family, Eric, was deployed overseas and they feared he’d never be able to see Kermie, their first child as wife Jennifer Ralston refers to him, again.

Kermie surpassed the vet’s expectations and continued to do well for months. As Eric’s return date got closer they began to have hope for a reunion. Jennifer and her sons were doing everything they could to keep Kermie as healthy as possible.

When it came down to the month of his return, an indefinite extension of Eric’s deployment made things stressful. They honestly didn’t think Kermie would make it till Christmas – but she did. A few days before Christmas Kermie and Eric finally got the reunion they had all been waiting for.

“We thought we would be putting Kermie down within days of his return,” said Jennifer Ralston. “His return was some sort of magic pill for her. She began eating and drinking again, without struggle! Watching the homecoming video, you cannot even see the struggles of the previous months.”

The fact that she waited until she could see Eric again and the joyous reunion these two have, is truly touching. Kermie managed to hang on until February, when she finally passed away on February 22.

This story moved me to tears. What a beautiful family and a wonderful dog. Please watch and SHARE this emotional reunion.