With Just ONE Extra Ingredient You Can Turn an Ordinary Cake Into THIS!

With Just ONE Extra Ingredient You Can Turn an Ordinary Cake Into THIS!

Kendall Conners

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! I know you’re probably thinking to yourself how silly of a holiday it can be and why do we need one day a year where we show our love and affection.

While I totally agree, there’s something about heart-shaped things, especially FOOD that gets me every time! So why not have a little fun this Valentine’s day! If you want to make something for that special someone (or yourself) then you’ve GOT to check out this amazingly simple heart-shaped cake.

When I saw how EASY it was to turn a plain, ordinary cake into a heart shape cake I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it. All you need are two separate cakes – one baked in a square pan and one baked in round pan, and then any icing or sprinkles of your choice!

With a little magic and maneuvering, she cut the round cake in half then lined it up with the square-shaped cake. And BOOM – she instantly made a heart-shaped cake! After that you put a little icing on the cake – the trick is to put extra icing on the edges where the two cakes meet. That way, when it hardens it will bind the two cakes together.

Turning a plain, ordinary cake into a heart-shaped cake perfect for Valentine’s Day is REALLY that easy. What did you think of this amazingly simple tip?

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