One Baseball Player Swung His Bat, Not Realizing He Was Behind Him. What Happens Next Is Tragic…

One Baseball Player Swung His Bat, Not Realizing He Was Behind Him. What Happens Next Is Tragic…

Genevieve Lopez

Our heart goes out to the family, friends and loved ones of 9-year-old Kaiser Carlile, Bee Jays’ batboy who passed away Sunday evening from severe trauma to the head.

Kaiser was a volunteer batboy for the amateur team in liberal Kansas when ran out to the on-deck circle to retrieve a bat during a National Baseball Congress Worlds Series game. The batter didn’t see him behind him and proceeded to take a practice swing, hitting Kaiser in the head.

Although Kaiser was wearing a helmet, the force was too strong. The umpire, a full-time firefighter and paramedic, performed CPR immediately until emergency responders arrived at the scence. He was taken to the hospital and died hours later.



Kaiser had been the Bee Jays’ batboy all season long and “just wanted to be one of the guys,” said Bee Jays general manager, Mike Carlile. Kaiser’s parents urged the games to continue, saying it would have been what Kaiser wanted.

The Bee Jays went on to bear the Waves in a 13-inning marathon. In honor of their fallen team member, the organizers had put the letters “KC” on the scoreboard. Even their opponents, the Aviators, had the letters written on their ball caps.



“Kaiser, you were a little brother I never had,” baseball player Kadon Simmons posted to Instagram. “You took the field with us every game this summer. You were, and always will be a Bee Jay. No person or team could ask for a better bat boy. It is terrible to see you leave in such a way, but knowing your last moments were on the baseball field makes it easier through this whole process, because you were doing what you loved.”

The team has set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations to assist with the Kaiser family’s medical expenses and other needs.

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