She Walked Into A McDonalds With A Kangaroo. Now She’s Facing Legal Repercussions.

She Walked Into A McDonalds With A Kangaroo. Now She’s Facing Legal Repercussions.

Jamaica Bravo

Have you ever seen an unusual pet in someone’s home? How about a person coming into a store or restaurant with a service animal? These pets are often fun to see, especially when you know that they have a “job” to help out their owner. Service pets are typically dogs that can do a variety of tasks, such as catch seizures before they happen or tell a deaf owner when the phone is ringing.

Diana Moyer and her husband have had kangaroos as service animals in their home for more than eight years. Jimmy the kangaroo, who is eight-months-old, is used as a service animal for Diana. Diana says her kangaroo is more a therapy animal to keep her mind off her cancer. Her neighbors absolutely love him, not only because he is clean, but he’s fun to watch in action!

But a recent incident occurred in February that is threatening the relationship of Diana and her beloved service kangaroo. The Moyers brought him into a McDonalds, where another guest got offended by the peculiar service animal and called the cops. When he arrived, Diana Moyer showed him the papers concerning his role, and the cop agreed to let him stay.

Now, the Beaverton City Council in Wisconsin is taking action. A new city ordinance is coming into play that limits service animals to dogs or ponies only. This may mean that the Moyers will not be able to use Jimmy as Diana’s service animal. Jimmy is a part of the Moyer family since they do not have any children. He’s never had any issues outside of their home. What will happen to Jimmy and the Moyers? Will the city ordinance hold up under scrutiny?

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