When She Came Out To Her Grandparents, Their Reaction Was Nothing She Expected…

When She Came Out To Her Grandparents, Their Reaction Was Nothing She Expected…

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A couple months ago, Katie Mathewson and her girlfriend, MacKenzie Hill, announced to the social media world that they are getting married! Though the girls had long since come out as members of the lesbian community to the majority of their friends, there were still two people the couple had never felt comfortable telling. Those, were Katie’s grandparents.

Though she loves both of them very much, Katie Mathewson has always felt like she has had to keep a piece of herself hidden away from her traditionally-minded grandparents. In a post on Imgur, Mathewson, who works for @midnight, a late night comedy show hosted on Comedy Central, gave her fans and followers an inside scoop about how she felt when sending her Korean grandparents the announcement letter:

“…[I] was wholly convinced that they couldn’t accept it. Not just because of their age or their lifestyle, but because, over the years, I’ve listened quietly and sadly as they talked about people who were different from them. I accepted the sad reality that they’d never know the real me. But when I got engaged to my perfect and beautiful girlfriend, I felt like I had to tell them…”



So, Matthewson mailed her grandparents the letter. Then she and her fiance, MacKenzie Hill, waited apprehensively over the two long weeks that passed before they received grannie and gramps’ response to the bravely-written declaration of their engagement and homosexual identity.

In an email interview with APlus just last week, Mathewson told her host that she had thought about coming out to her grandparents once before, but that it hadn’t gotten past the planning stage, because of something that happened when she visited them last year.

“We were standing on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey and saw two women kiss, and my grandparents reacted with a combination of shock and disdain…so I kept my mouth shut.”

But this time, the two went for it, and they were shocked and touched to their core to read the letter Mathewson’s grandma wrote back to them.



Mathewson and Hill were ecstatic over the warm response from Katie’s grandparents, and are thrilled that they might consider attending the wedding.

We wish them a heartfelt congratulations! We will certainly continue to follow both @MacKHill and @KatieMathewson on Twitter to hear more about their exciting wedding plans!  

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