Dad Keeps The Monsters Away For His Daughter With His Very Own DIY Monster Spray

Dad Keeps The Monsters Away For His Daughter With His Very Own DIY Monster Spray

Erika Carter

Almost every kid is afraid of the dark. That fear might actually linger as you get older and become an adult. You’re lying if you haven’t been a little scared once you turn off your bedroom lights. Some kids’ imaginations run wild during the night. A slightly cracked closet door, a creak of a floorboard, the heater turning on. Thoughts and nightmares of scary monsters in the closet and ghastly ghouls hiding under the bed penetrate the minds of young ones and it’s often difficult to explain to them that there really is nothing there.

So, parents are forced to get creative when logic doesn’t prevail.

That’s what one dad from British Columbia did. After having to assure his daughter that there were no monsters in her room, he leaped into action and got creative. Really creative.

After one too many nights of rocking his terrified little girl to sleep, he went to the “pharmacy” and got her a special prescription. He calls it “Monster Spray.” This special spray has her convinced that she can scare away every last monster with one little push of a nozzle. If a kid’s imagination can dream up horrible creatures of the night, they’re sure to imagine that they can get rid of them with a slightly modified water spray bottle.



It comes in different varieties as well. There’s one for monsters with great big googly eyes. There’s one for creepy crawlers under the bed. Each bottle has enough spray to get rid of 120 monsters and even comes with a prescription label that’s easy to read for the little one. The monsters are said to make the room smell bad, so each bottle comes with a pleasant scent that scatters any odorous remains.

Isn’t that cool? Now parents everywhere are trying for themselves!





It’s awesome to see the lengths parents go to to keep their kids safe and happy. What’s the coolest way you’ve seen a parent make their child feel comfortable? Let us know in the comments!

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