This 16-Year-Old Sounds JUST Like Elvis!

This 16-Year-Old Sounds JUST Like Elvis!

Jamaica Bravo

This Elvis Presley cover of the famous singer’s hit song “Blue Christmas” is the best imitation we have seen yet!

You will be entirely mesmerized with this young sixteen year old and how much he sounds like the King! David Thibault sounds nothing like any sixteen year old that we have ever heard. His voice is so deep and mature-sounding, if we didn’t have this video to prove that he was only a teenager, we would never believe it ourselves.

Here is a voice that could make even the most frigid heart melt. This Canadian singer makes all the girls swoon. Even the people recording this song couldn’t help it- you can hear it in the female reporter’s voice as she reacts to Thibault’s deep crooning melody.

This kid is going to grow up into a total Don Juan, we can just tell. Not only can he sing like nobody’s business, he can also play the guitar like a pro. Now all we need him to do is dance and move those hips like Elvis and we will be convinced that the King has come back from the dead!

This song will be a perfect addition to your Christmas mix tape this season. Be prepared, nobody who hears it will believe that it isn’t a retouched version of Elvis’ own recording. So be sure to save this video in your favorites bar for the moment when you have to bust it out to prove you weren’t lying!

You may as well just share it on your Facebook page right now so all your friends can enjoy David Thibault and his charming voice over the next couple of weeks. We love this kid and can’t wait to see his singing career take off!

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