Unattended Young Child Survives A Frightening 18-Story Fall

Unattended Young Child Survives A Frightening 18-Story Fall

Angela Markus

They say that children are followed by angels, and that might just be the case with Jie Jie—a 6-year-old-boy who survived a frightening fall. Jie Jie and his younger brother were being looked after by their grandfather, who was called away unexpected.

Little did the grandfather know, leaving the children to tend to themselves would be almost fatal.

Within 30 minutes Jie Jie’s grandfather, 48, was back at home. But he got a sense that something was wrong because Jie Jie’s 3-year old brother was visibly upset and alone. He asked the toddler for his brother, and he replied, “Brother went to find you.”

It was then that the grandfather grew even more worried. A search for Jie Jie on the premises turned out successful. However, the toddler was unconscious on the ground of the apartment building and was immediately rushed to the local hospital.

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Doctor’s attending to Jie Jie performed an urgent 5-hour surgery. Following the surgery, Jie Jie spent time in an intensive care unit until doctors declared him healthy.

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The grandfather addressed the situation with a local reporter, and he said, “There is a small door next to the window. On the other side of the door is our air conditioner. Maybe Jie Jie fell from there. ‘How could I have predicted that?”

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He continued, “We went to the ward and found him conscious. He knew to call me and his mother, and he was also looking for me and for the phone to play games.”

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How scary! Thankfully, Jie Jie is doing well.

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