OMG – When You See How This Kid Is Acting in Public You’ll Freak Out!

OMG – When You See How This Kid Is Acting in Public You’ll Freak Out!

Kendall Conners

As parents we do our best to give our kids the best life possible! But parenting can be tough. So many things happen on a daily basis that no amount of planning could prepare you for.

One of those tough things that us parents have to deal with is when our child throws a temper tantrum. It happens to everyone, but it’s never fun when it does happen! Especially when things start to go down in public.

But the child in this video is throwing a temper tantrum of EPIC proportions. He is out with his mom when they walk into an establishment. The mom is trying to talk to the receptionist while her son is going bananas in the background. He keeps hitting her on the back, then he runs over to the coffee table and knocks off all the magazines that are on top of it.

You would think that’s the worst part, right? Wrong. After destroying the lobby of this business, he runs back over to mom and proceeds to pull her skirt down! When I first saw this I was SHOCKED. I couldn’t believe a kid would ever actually do this to his mother. But this footage appears to be real, which is crazy.

What did you think of how this child acted toward his mother? If I did that to my mom I’d be dead.

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