These Kids Swearing On Camera Will Make You Gasp … or Laugh Out Loud!

These Kids Swearing On Camera Will Make You Gasp … or Laugh Out Loud!

Angela Markus

Kids can say the darnest things, even some things that would make parents shake their heads. The following video is an advertisement for Smart car, but this ad comes with a twist. It showcases several kids swearing. Cute? Maybe. Shocking? Most definitely! What you hear these kids blabber will leave your jaw dropped!

Most of us have heard it before. A child, unbeknownst to the people around, swears unexpectedly. Sure, the cute and adorable faces of the wee ones expressing themselves in an interesting way is undeniable, but most parents would argue, their potty mouth is definitely not okay.

The first little princess, lays on her back, puts her hand on her waist and lets her mommy hear it!

In another clip, the dashing young man in his suit, complete with a blue tie, lets us all know how he feels, along with flipping the bird. But that’s not all…

Leave it up to a couple of little ladies to tell you how they really feel. You just want to laugh out loud when you hear their swears.

Another little girl is neatly tucked in her car seat when she relieves some frustration. Dad on the other side of the camera asks her who taught her such language. She admitted she learned the phrase from … you guessed it, him!

Children are like sponges and it is no surprise that they pick up such colorful language from the people they first learn from, their parents. The commercial shows how parents who drive the wrong vehicles are likely to say the wrong words, teaching the little sponges indirectly how to express themselves in a not-so-polite way.

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