Kit Kat Candy Bar Ice Cream Cake Is a Chocolate Lovers Dream Come True

Kit Kat Candy Bar Ice Cream Cake Is a Chocolate Lovers Dream Come True

Angela Markus

Give me a break…break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Who doesn’t love Kit Kat bars? There’s no secret as to what’s great about them—chocolate plus Krispies. Yes, please! Then there is the additive of having the extra kick of getting to break your candy down into delightful segments. Whatever it is, it has been a favorite for decades. Check out this Kit Kat Cake recipe provided by the diet-free zone chef yoyomax12.

The first component needed for this treat is a springform pan. Then, of course, you need a lot of Kit Kats. She breaks each Kit Kat into two pieces and places them lengthwise in a circle around the edge of the pan. She used ten Kit Kat bars.

She then cuts about 8 Kit Kat bars in cubes and set aside. She removes chocolate ice cream from the freezer and allows it to soften for a few minutes. Then she spreads it around the pan. Once that is flattened, she adds a layer of Kit Kat cubes and a second layer of ice cream. She switches up the flavor to vanilla.

Another layer of Kit Kat cubes is added followed by another layer of a different ice cream flavor. Holy moly! She tops with a fourth flavor of ice cream and more Kit Kat cubes.

(Because the ice cream might melt during the layering process, put cake in the freezer between layering for 30 minutes or so.)

She then wraps the cake and freezes it for a couple of days. When it is ready to be served, she removes the cake from the springform pan and lets it sit for 15 minutes to soften.

As an ice cream and a Kit Kat lover, I am surely making this for my birthday! Who’s coming? 

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