Man Stumbles Upon a Stiff Kitten In The Snow and Brings Him Back To Life

Man Stumbles Upon a Stiff Kitten In The Snow and Brings Him Back To Life

Jamaica Bravo

A poor little kitten was left for dead in the snow. His soft downy fur was no match for the freezing temperatures and he was soon frozen underneath the freshly fallen snow.

This altruistic family were out playing in the new layer of snow, when they stumbled across the frozen solid animal. Justin Bingham tripped over something hard. He bent down to pick up the object, and discovered a stiff and lifeless white kitten.

He immediately turned to his brother Brandon and the kids and told them what he had found. As he did so, he noticed that though the kitten was stiff, it also seemed to be warming up, just slightly in his hands. This told him the kitten might still be alive, so the family rushed back to the house to thaw it out.

Luckily, Justin was trained in CPR. As the baby animal warmed up, the family was happy to see that it had begun to move, just slightly, though it seemed unable to draw steady breaths of air. Justin performed CPR on the tiny kitten for over an hour, spurred on by the sight of it moving more and more as air was consistently forced into its cold lungs.

By the end of the hour, the kitten had come completely back to life. But the family was still worried about how much damage could have been caused by its near-death experience, so they hopped in the car and took it to a local vet.

Though it needed a bit of care, the kitten is happily alive and well now. It has been adopted by the Bingham family and named Lazarus, because, like the biblical character Lazarus, it was brought back to life after having died. What an amazing and selfless act!

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