Sphinx Kittens Make Fixing The Bed IMPOSSIBLE

Sphinx Kittens

Sphinx Kittens Make Fixing The Bed IMPOSSIBLE

Erika Carter

Most people don’t look forward to completing monotonous, daily household chores, like sweeping, mopping, laundry, making the bed, doing dishes, etc.

Well if you don’t like it when you have no children or pets to interrupt your progress imagine having to deal with a fussy baby crawling into your work area or a pet who just wants to play deciding that your chores can wait until after playtime is over.

In this video, a woman is seen making her bed. Simple enough, right? Wrong! While trying to make her bed she has numerous sphinx kittens jumping all over her bed and following her from side to side while she is trying to pull the sheets up.

The kittens are only trying to have some fun, but it makes this seemingly easy chore of making up the bed that much harder when you have little furry beings crawling, jumping and running all over your sheets and blankets. By the time she got the sheets pulled up and it was time to pull the comforter back up on top of the bed, there were cute little kittens diving off the bed and into the soft mountain of blanket that was on the floor.

It is easy to see in this video the beauty and innocence of young animals. We could learn so much from their appreciation of the world around them. So curious and timid yet so brave and bold all at the same time. So now we know an easy way to make chores fun (although I can’t guarantee you will be able to actually get your chores finished)! Just add 10-15 cute little kittens to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for cuteness.

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