KLASSEN Car Design Technology Will Blow Your Mind

KLASSEN Car Design Technology Will Blow Your Mind

Genevieve Lopez

Soccer moms, get ready! You’re about to experience the ride of a lifetime that’ll put your trips to the soccer field to shame. It looks like your typical mini van, but the moment it stretched another car-size longer, I knew bigger things were in store!

From an average size mini van that would sit about seven people total, this Klassen car expands to a luxurious limousine that can fit an entire party of 12! Inside, you’ll find everything form reclining seats that you thought only existed in movies theaters, to a secret safe to hide your giant stash of money you miraculously managed to save from your automobile investment. To top it all off, the Klassen has state-of-the-art leather seating, a flat-screen television, a built in bar, and storage to fit just about anything.

The vehicle was deigned to allow a person to conduct business in their most comfortable state while on the road, and once you see it, you’ll be convinced there’s nothing that can top it.

My kids are going to love me dropping them off at practice in one of these. Hey, a mom can dream!

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