Kleenex and School Surprise Janitor With Celebration and Check

Kleenex and School Surprise Janitor With Celebration and Check

Jamaica Bravo

Working as a janitor is hardly an appealing job. Most of us think we’re above such positions, but we understand there are many worse off than us, who don’t have as much choice in life as we do. Though we may try to recognize and thank our waiters and store clerks from time to time, how often do we stop and notice those other people who make our lives better behind the scenes?

It’s easy to ignore everything blue collar workers, like janitors, maids and gardeners, do when we’re not looking to give us all the beautiful scenes that we take for granted. So today, let’s take a moment to recognize the outstanding work of one elementary school custodian, who not only makes the lives of the teachers and kids at his school cleaner and healthier, he also does so with such a positive, loving and interactive passion that he is reported to have revolutionized the way the students and parents see the staff.

This custodian’s name is Mr. Patton and he loves his job as much as the kids at his school love him. “He cares about the building. He cares about the teachers. He cares about the students,” said one teacher about Patton, as she told a reporter about the surprise the kids and faculty planned for the custodian.

To show their janitor “all the love the school has for him,” the entire school gathered together with colorful signs and banners for a rally designed to show him their appreciation. Unbeknownst to Mr. Patton, the kids and teachers assembled in the gymasium. A teacher called the janitor and told him there was a big spill on the gym floor that they needed him to clean right away.

Patton grabbed his mop and bucket, and completely oblivious to the fact that he was about to walk into a crowded room, he strolled down the hall. The expression on his face when he walks through the gymnasium and a roar of voices yell, “Surprise!” is oh, so touching! A must-watch.

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