Kookaburras Engage In Most Epic Game Of Tug O War Ever

Kookaburras Engage In Most Epic Game Of Tug O War Ever

Erika Carter

If there’s one thing you might not know about Kookaburras, it’s that they’re incredibly strong — and apparently very protective of their food!

A man recorded a video recently showcasing just how territorial the birds are of their treats by placing a piece of food in his mouth and then offering it to the Kookaburra. While most animals would shy away from the human and simply wait their turn, this bird seriously goes after it. He grabs hold of the treat and holds on for dear life.

It’s as if the little guy is just daring the man to chomp down harder so he can too. This Kookaburra does not want to give up and he certainly does not want to miss out on the opportunity for a tasty treat.

At one point, the man lifts his head up away from where the Kookaburra is resting and the bird follows along so that he is quite literally dangling from the man’s mouth. It’s pretty wild.

Luckily, the man eventually gives in and allows the Kookaburra to fly off with the treat. It’s a good thing, too, because we don’t think that little guy had any plans on giving up. He might have just hung on forever!

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