Epic Wedding Proposal at LAX

Epic Wedding Proposal at LAX

Jamaica Bravo

In recent years there has been a growing trend of people proposing to their significant others in unique and adorable ways. In keeping with this trend, Austin developed a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Malia, upon her arrival at LAX after returning from Michigan. While Austin didn’t have a huge flash mob to help him with his proposal plans like most other viral proposals, he turned to his friends for a helping hand.

After many months of preparing, the big day had finally arrived. His friends were strategically placed throughout the airport. As Malia got off her flight, there they were singing and playing music as she was directed to the area where Austin was waiting eagerly. When they both locked eyes, Austin jumped out and started singing and dancing, surrounded by travelers in the terminal witnessing this precious moment.

At one point, Malia started dancing along with Austin and as he got down on one knee to propose, she nodded yes before he even had the chance to pop the question. To no surprise she shouts “Yes!” and he slides the ring onto her finger.  The woman at the desk for Southwest Airlines even announced over the loudspeaker Malia’s answer.

I can think of no better way to show your love someone than with an epic proposal like this. Austin and Malia will surely have an awesome story to tell their children and grandchildren years from now.

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