Lady Gaga’s Tribute Performance Shocked Everyone – But THIS Surprise Guest Got a Standing Ovation!

Lady Gaga’s Tribute Performance Shocked Everyone – But THIS Surprise Guest Got a Standing Ovation!

Kendall Conners

If you happened to watch the 87th Academy Awards last night then you know it was an evening filled with glitz, glamour and a few surprises. Like any awards show, everyone is always excited to see who takes home the big awards, what everyone is wearing, AND what kind of performances, tributes, and surprise guests there might be.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of The Sound Of Music, one of the most memorable and iconic movies of our time. The combination of a powerful story, iconic cast and songs that touch the hearts of millions make The Sound Of Music a classic that will live on forever.

To pay tribute to this iconic film, Lady Gaga graced the stage and performed a few of the movie’s famous songs. Normally, we can expect Lady Gaga to be wearing something outrageous and over the top – like a dress made out of raw meat. But for this performance she ditched the gaudy costumes and ridiculous hair and makeup, and came out as just herself – an amazingly talented singer and musician.


She wore a beautiful floor-length gown and belted out these classics with a voice and grace that Julie Andrews herself was proud of. At the end of the performance when Julie Andrews herself actually walked out on stage everyone in the auditorium was on their feet. Andrews is always so elegant and poised and hearing her talk about The Sound of Music brought tears to my eyes.

The whole tribute and performance in honor of The Sound Of Music was (in my opinion) the highlight of the evening. What did you think of this surprising performance from Lady Gaga? I heard a lot of people say they didn’t know she was so talented, but I think she killed the performance!

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