This Lazy Otter Is Your New Spirit Animal

This Lazy Otter Is Your New Spirit Animal

Angela Markus

How can you not love otters? These adorable little beasts of the sea are well known for their fun-loving personalities and huge amounts of happy energy. Although I have never thought of having this semiaquatic animal as a pet, after seeing this clip, I definitely want one. 

There is a time for everything. There is a time to run around and play all day and then there is a time to lay back and relax. And this otter knows just how to balance the two. The adorable creature is certainly very sleepy after swimming and running all day, so when it comes time to go to bed, she does it in the best way possible, laying down on her favorite blanket!

There’s only one little problem, this otter seems to be hungry too. Even though she’s supposed to be napping, she’s figured out the perfect way to accomplish both feats. She sleeps right next to her food bowl. In that way, whenever she feels hungry, she’ll reach over and grab a snack before quickly going right back to sleep. I call that having the best of both worlds!

The 30-second clip shows us why everyone loves these little sea dogs. Not only are they incredibly intelligent and personable animals, but they seem to have a silly sense of humor too!

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