Watch LeAnn Rimes Beautiful Rendition of “Amazing Grace!”

Leann Rimes Amazing Grace

Watch LeAnn Rimes Beautiful Rendition of “Amazing Grace!”

Sophia Gioiello

When an artist can take on a raw, a cappella version of a classic, you know you’re dealing with some serious vocal talent!

LeAnn Rimes is no stranger to leaving her audiences in captivated awe after she belts out her beautiful songs – all while making it look so easy. Her impeccable abilities never cease to amaze us! We stumbled upon this video that dates back to 2006, and it perfectly captures the true essence of LeAnn Rimes’ beauty.

She performs our favorite gospel song, “Amazing Grace,” and almost immediately gives us chills! Standing inside a sunlit church, she gives this classic gospel tune her own style that will remind you why we first fell in love with the country singer.

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