Learn How To Make A Bowl Out Of A Doily!

Doily Lace Bowl

Learn How To Make A Bowl Out Of A Doily!

Ashley Rego

The perfect decorative bowl doesn’t need to be purchased from an expensive boutique or lavish online shop – it can be made from a few simple products right in your very own house!

The video below demonstrates how to create a gorgeous little bowl from a doily! If you don’t have one of these fabric doilies on hand, they can be purchased at any local craft store or you can crochet your own version if you prefer!

Submerge the doily into fabric stiffener until it’s completely saturated and let soak for a few minutes. Next, blow up a balloon to the size you would like your bowl to reflect. Cover the bottom of the balloon with vaseline and stick the other end into some type of bowl to hold the balloon in place. Now place the wet doily on top of the vaseline-covered side of the balloon, and flatten out any wrinkles. Let this sit to dry for 24 hours. When you pop the balloon the next day, you will be left with an adorable fabric bowl!

These will look so cute on my coffee table, I can’t wait to try out this easy DIY project! SHARE the love and pass it on!